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Meet the founders

Hey there, nice to meet you! Exequiel & Cedric here, the founders of Zappyo. We started this amazing journey
together with the hope of spreading happiness.

We are very excited to share our delicious blends of Yerba Mate with you and we hope to inspire everyone around us to join the Zappyo movement and spread positivity
everywhere they go.



They've felt the Zap!

“Zappyo teas are incredibly fresh, flavourful and beautiful; inside and out! The blends are unique, bold and contain variety for all tastes. This tea will give you that perfect morning zap without the crash to conquer your day successfully.”

Quincy - @itsmequincyb

“Ever since trying Zappyo, I’ve been hooked! As a mama of 3 young kids juggling a business, I dreaded the crash from that afternoon cup of coffee. Yerba Mate doesn’t leave me feeling sluggish, meaning it’s the perfect boost of clean energy to get me through every day! My personal favourites are Nutty Toffee And the Pina Electra (especially on ice!)."

Melyse -@yesmama.blog

"It’s also a great energy and immune system booster, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, AND can help with weight loss! Yerba Mate has a slow caffeine release which doesn’t give you a caffeine crash like coffee, and never tastes bitter- like some teas! 👍🏻"

Carlo - @consumedbycarlo