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Yerba Mate (pronounced: Yur-bah mah-tey) is a plant species from the holly tree, native to three South American countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paragay. Ilex Paraguariensis (scientific name of Yerba Mate) grows as a shrub that turns into a tree, growing up to 50 feet high. The naturally caffeinated leaves of these trees are hand harvested, air dried and finally dehydrated with a controlled warm air system. The leaves are then cut and sifted producing the Yerba Mate found in our blends.

A zap is a blend of Yerba Mate and natural ingredients such as dried fruit, flowers and other herbs. Mostly drank as a hot drink like coffee or tea but can also be enjoyed as a cold beverage.

Yerba Mate is on antioxidant powerhouse, even more than green tea! The 4 main antioxidants found in Yerba Mate are:

Saponins: These antioxidant can reduce cholesterol levels, boost your immune system and can help with weight loss.

Xanthines: A group of alkaloids acting as stimulants, caffeine being one of them, which is found in its highest concentration and increases energy levels naturally.

Polyphenols: These compounds are associated with lowering the risk of disease.

Caffeoyl-derivatives: This group of antioxidants are responsible for supporting the general health of individuals.

Our Zaps do not expire, however we do recommend to use them within the first two years.

Each of our Zaps have different steeping times, however, we recommend a minimum of 3 minutes for soft tones of flavour.  You can find the recommended steep time for each Zap on the back of their packaging. In general the longer you steep, the bolder the flavour.  If you are planning to serve your Zap over ice, we recommend steeping a few minutes extra as the flavour will soften as the ice melts.  Remember that you can always re-steep your Zaps (within the same sitting).

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